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Bhimtal-Nainital is a fantastic tourist spot for tourists across the world. And the best thing about this place is that you can visit it anytime throughout the year; its beauty is eternal. However, while planning your trip to Bhimtal Nainital, you must have one question in mind, where to stay there, right? So, Hotel Apple Inn is a premier hotel in Bhimtal Nainital that offers you an array of amenities at affordable prices.

So, if you are looking for a picture-perfect view where you can enjoy the exotic scenic beauty of solitude, Hotel App Inn is the right destination for you. The staff members of this hotel are always there to take care of the guests from the core of their hearts, and they leave no space for you to complain.

Location of Hotel Apple Inn

The hotel is located at the heart of Nainital, not very far from Mall Road, and lies near Kainchi Dham Temple. It is close to Graphic Era Hill University and is 15.6 km from Naini Lake.

It is one of the most popular hotels in the entire locale. Several visitors visit this hotel not only for sightseeing but also to enjoy its exclusive services and spend their leisurely time in solitude. The perfect location and surroundings of the hotel offer the best view to its guests.

What are the top Amenities offered by Hotel Apple Inn, Bhimtal?

Located at the heart of Bhimtal-Nainital road, Hotel Apple Inn is a top-rated hotel for tourists because it offers top-notch indispensable amenities. It takes care of every need of the visitors. So, some of its popular amenities are discussed below.

Free Wi-Fi

Hotel Apple Inn offers you free Wi-Fi not only in every room but also in public areas. It makes sure that you always stay connected to your friends and family. Also, it ensures that you can update regular statuses about your trip on your social media profile.

An exotic lawn

There is an exotic lawn inside where you can spend your leisure time on the soft grass with your family or your better half. Also, leaning chairs are installed there so that you can bask under the sun comfortably. On the lawn, children can freely roam around and enjoy playing with their friends or siblings.

Sightseeing tours

This hotel also conducts nearby tours in collaboration with the tour guides of the region. The ideal distance of nearby attractions from the hotel makes the conduction of these tours more convenient and easier. So, if you are planning to take a tour of the nearby places, contact the Hotel Apple Inn, it will arrange all the necessary rental services for you.

House-keeping service

The regular housekeeping service of Hotel Apple Inn makes sure that everything is kept clean in your room. The inn houses highly trained staff who ensure that everything is in the correct place and well-organized in your room.

An exotic view

From the beautiful terrace or balcony, you can enjoy a solace garden view or mountain view peacefully. The soothing sunrise and sunset of the mountains can be enjoyed in serenity here.

Ample parking space

If you are traveling to Bhimtal-Nainital via road, you need not worry about parking your car in the hotel. There is a dedicated on-site ample parking space for vehicles. Also, the hotel provides reliable car renting facilities.

Categories of rooms present at Hotel Apple Inn

Hotel Apple Inn, Bhimtal, offers two types of rooms. They render you the same benefits and facilities, and all rooms have valley view.

The Classic-Valley view room

The classic-valley view rooms are premium rooms that come with 20m²/ 215ft² size. There are 4 Classic Valley View rooms with 1 extra bed in the hotel. It allows you to enjoy the splendid garden view and comes with a balcony. Shower facilities like a geyser for a warm water bath are also there in this room. Also, the room is equipped with a king-size bed. Besides, you can get seamless intercom facilities in this room, along with additional bedding.

The Deluxe-Valley view room

The Deluxe-valley view rooms come in 20m²/ 215ft² sizes. There are 10 Deluxe Valley View rooms in this inn. The elite fact of the Deluxe rooms is that it allows you to enjoy the marvelous mountain view. Just like the premium rooms, it also comes with a balcony. Shower facilities are also there, like a geyser so that you can take a hot water bath whenever you need it. Besides, this room also offers you a king-size bed. You can also get proper intercom facilities in this room, along with additional bedding.

Thus, there are total 14 rooms in the entire hotel. And in both types of rooms, you get a separate desk for storing your luggage and any other things. Also, a fan is available for your convenience. Besides, you get to access the restaurants regardless of what kind of room you’ve chosen.

Also, both the rooms come with satellite/cable channels in the new-gen flatscreen T.V., tea kettle, neat and clean and hygienic towels, and complimentary toiletries. Last but not least, you can also get free and stable Wi-Fi in each room so that you never run out of internet connection.

Check-in and check-out

The check-in of Hotel Apple Inn generally starts at 12:00 PM. However, for convenience, tourists or visitors can also request an early check-in time while booking their rooms. However, it is highly dependent on availability.

Also, the guests who checks-in before the designated time can be charged with an additional fee. For any queries related to check-in and check-out, the front desk is always up for help throughout the day and night.

Dining options and nearby restaurants

There is the availability of an on-site restaurant in the hotel for the visitors for their dining convenience. Their packages include the following:

  • Room only
  • Room with breakfast
  • Room with breakfast and dinner
  • Room with breakfast, lunch, and dinner

The on-site restaurant of the hotel is quite famous in the locality owing to their exclusive food menu.

However, if you search for a different restaurant nearby Hotel Apple Inn, you can get more than 100 restaurants within 10 km. The most popular ones are Café de Mall, Southern Delights, and Daddu’s Resort Restaurant, which lies in the neighborhood of the Hotel Apple Inn. You can choose any restaurant as per your preference and have a great dining experience on your trip.

How to get to the hotel?

If you drive your car to Hotel Apple Inn, Bhimtal, you can seek help from Google maps. However, in case you are looking for a convenient way to get around Bhimtal Nainital by using private transportation, the hotel can arrange a car rental for you if you want. The hotel is approx. 14 km from Nainital. However, you need to contact the hotel prior so that it can arrange the necessary transport service for you.

Nearby places to visit

Hotel Apple Inn lies in a perfect location at Bhimtal-Nainital, and there are tons of nearby places to visit and have fun. Within just 10 km of the hotel, there are more than 41 attractions for visitors.

The most popular ones are the Nainital Lake, Neem Karoli Baba Ashram, Goddess Naina Devi Temple, Ghorakhal Golu Devta Temple, and Naukuchital Lake. Also, you can opt for a comfortable day sightseeing in Mukteshwar.

Besides, several other exciting things are also there for you that are not very far from the hotel. You can visit U.T.D.C. It is a clothing product outlet owned by the government. They have a huge stock of novelties, leather goods, quilts, and other apparel available at decent pricing. So, if you want to purchase some local textile items, it is a must-visit place.

The Ghorakhal Tea factory is a perfect spot for all tea lovers out there. It is a vast tea garden known for its scenic beauty. Thus, you can get the best quality organic tea from the shops located here. Also, you can have great photoshoot sessions with the tea garden dress.

Things to do near Hotel Apple Inn

When you are in Bhimtal-Nainital, the obvious things you should do are river rafting and tubing. Also, you can opt for climbing tours. Several adventure guides are available nearby the hotel whose services you can avail to enjoy boat tours, water sports, outdoor activities, river tubing and rafting, hiking and camping expeditions, and climbing tours.

At Sattal Lake, you can opt for a river crossing. You can also go for day bird watching in the mesmerizing scenario or day hiking near the hotel.

Final thoughts

So, are you still wondering where to stay to enjoy the best view of the Nainital mountains? Well, think no more; Hotel Apple Inn is always here to welcome you. It is the perfect spot for you to spend your day in utter peace and relaxation in the serene ambiance.

In short, it is a happy place for all visitors out there. So, if you are planning for an exotic Nainital trip with your partner, family, or friends, Hotel Apple Inn is the best option for your stay.


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Bhimtal-Nainital Road, Nagri Gaon, Goludhar                                                          +91 8368643151

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