wedding & celebration

Jim Corbett is most prefered destination for Destination Wedding and Corbett Panorama Resort is becoming a great choice for Wedding destination in Jim Corbett.

Panorama gives you a comfort to escape yourself from the pressure of throwing a party, Managing your guests, making every guest feel special, or a wedding reception. Pocket friendly , relaxing Destination Wedding, with an ambiance filled with vibrant colors from sky, sets the perfect mood for your biggest occasion.

Efficient, stunning, and stress-fress, Destination Wedding are new fascination. Host an ideal, picturesque, and entrancing night went with your companions, and relatives and in the midst of the common excellence of Jim Corbett.

Our Guest’s essentials is our top priority for an assured satisfaction for them. Arranging the get-together, service couple with the customer, so execution is to the fulfillment.

Our resort is an ideal destination for the following social gathering, which make this day a perfect celebration:

  • Ring Ceremony.
  • Mehndi Ceremony.
  • Sangeet Ceremony/DJ Night.
  • Wedding Ceremony.
  • Commemoration Celebration.
  • Family Functions.
  • Single guy Party
  • Theam Parties/Weddings.

Extra Options

For the Bride

Makeup: A neighbourhood parlour paint job starts at Rs 3,000 but good makeup artists charge Rs 25,000 and some even go up to Rs 75,000.

Mehendi: The market boy can do it for you for Rs 500 per hand.

Wedding Dress: Starts at Rs 30,000 with premium designer pieces retailing at Rs 2 lakhs.

Jewellery: Depends, can start at Rs 50,000-3lakhs and run into 5 lakhs

For the Groom

Pre-wedding Grooming Spa package: Rs 10,000-35,000.

Wedding Attire: From Rs 8,000-2 lakh for designer sherwanis.

Sehra: Rs 1,000-10,000(for barati also).

RETURN GIFT/BHAJI :-Rs. 400-900/-person.

HONEYMOON PACKAGE :- Rs.25,000-5 lakhs per couple.

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