The Best Places to Visit in Nainital

Kainchi Dham

Kainchi Dham in Nainital is a serene ashram and temple complex, famous for its spiritual ambience and tranquil setting. It's home to the Neem Karoli Baba Temple and Ashram, offering a peaceful retreat in the Himalayas.

A signboard for Kainchi set amidst verdant mountains and houses
Five individuals rowing a boat in the centre of a lake on a cloudy day

Nainital Lake

Nainital Lake, in the centre of Nainital, is a beautiful and serene spot known for boating and scenic walks. Surrounded by hills, its clear waters and peaceful atmosphere make it a favourite among visitors.

Ghorakhal Temple

Ghorakhal Temple in Bhowali, Nainital, dedicated to Lord Golu, is a serene and spiritual spot set amidst scenic hills, offering visitors a peaceful retreat for devotion and reflection.

A majestic representation of Lord Shiva in statue form
 A hilltop tea garden

Shyamkhet Tea Garden

Shyamkhet Tea Garden, located in Nainital, is a picturesque tea plantation where rows of tea plants thrive in the tranquil hills. This serene spot offers visitors a chance to explore the tea-growing process while enjoying the natural beauty of the surroundings.


Mukteshwar, perched in the Kumaon hills near Nainital, is a serene and picturesque town known for its majestic Himalayan views and ancient Shiva Temple. It's a tranquil retreat for nature lovers and those seeking spiritual solace, offering activities like trekking and bird watching amidst its pristine natural beauty.

A man and a woman trekking on a mountain trail